Friday, June 26, 2015


By William J. Skinner
The Supreme Court of the United States issued two blows to American traditional values this week with the weasel-worded opinion upholding the Obamacare Act (a/k/a ScoutusCare or RobertsCare) for the second time in 2 years.  Second, the Supreme Court found laws preventing gay marriage unconstitutional, causing many traditional American families more grief.

   Who will want to trust the Supreme Court in the future to interpret laws based on the wording of the laws written by state legislatures and the Congress?

   The necessity to ask the Supreme Court for these rulings was based on the inept legal draftsmanship that resulted in monstrous bills that members of legislative bodies had no time to read, reconcile, and redraft.  These laws were made for the convenience of special interest groups representing small minorities of the population who wanted what they wanted.  The members of legislative bodies got paid with votes and contributions.  The good of the country suffered.  Everyone knows the Congress has been in disrepute for years with low approval ratings.

   Who will want to trust the Congress and some state legislatures in the future?

   During the past six and a half years, the President has expanded the regulations and laws with the help of the growing bureaucracy and his pen and telephone.  In the case of IRS, EPA and immigration law and regulations, even the Congress has lost trust in the President because he has taken over the job of writing laws. 

    All three branches of the US government can no longer be trusted.   What do we do?  What can we do at this tipping point?

   Consider that the Republicans do not hold the Presidency, the Republicans in the Senate do not have the 70 plus members to control the voting and override vetoes, and the House Republicans are not united even though they have a majority.
   If you have the ability to look ahead a few years, you can probably see that Republicans will have a tough time reaching those levels of power to make sure laws are changed for the better.  But we should give another try in 2016 to reach for those goals.  This could be our last chance.

  At the same time, we need to buttress our election efforts by supporting the Convention of the States to set an agenda for writing proposed amendments to the US Constitution.  If general agreement can be made on worthwhile amendments, then each state can adopt them, and if enough states agree, these will be sent back to “We the People” to be ratified.  This will take a few years, but we can straighten out some flaws and improve some of the recent actions.

   Please do not get riled up about a Convention turning wild and changing everything.  Going wild would require too many agreements for that to happen.  Look at Article V of the US Constitution and think this through.

   In summary, we can do two things.  1) Let us give one more try to get elect a Republican President and enough Republican members of the Senate and House to do what has to be done; and 2) Get moving on a Convention of the States.  Please become involved in these efforts to save our country for future generations.

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